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Smart Mom can Utilize a Child’s Energy

A smart mom is effective only when what she says is followed by his/her kids.

And a mom is been asked to take care of children.

Smart mom is the best moms, because, being smart is not an easy task to do.

And hence, one has to be smart in dealing with the kid’s energy.


 Smart mom can utilize a child’s energy

 “It’s the teacher that makes the difference, not the classroom”.
The best “Teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”
Smart moms are the “Best Moms”, because, being smart isn’t easy to be, having, one has to be smart dealing with their smart kid’s energy.
Smart mom’s task is a bit difficult because a smart mom makes use of his/her energy level and makes her kid to work on the task.
An effective ability to understand, control and effectively make the individual capacity to know about the child’s potential and energy level.
The child may at times be violent or you or you can call destructive in nature. Destructive and harmful in nature, this would make the child always angry and uncontrollable.
The better ways and means to understand a child is by becoming friends to them and in short, knowing, and them thoroughly.
A smart mom is someone who makes everything organized, structured. And appropriate.
Therefore, every mom must be disciplined and organized effectively, in all task and sources.
“Life is a canvas; paint it with your own colors”.
The same way, child’s behavior is a canvas, and you have to paint a child’s knowledge and brush it up with new things, ideas and strengths.
 A mother needs to take care of the daily activities of the child; she must control the daily routine of the child, so that she is not only aware of what is happening, but also known to about the habits and behavior of the child.
A smart mom taps the energy of the child and uses it with various school work of the child.

The energy of the child can be utilized and then at each level, the child is asked to do daily routine work such as,
-          Daily early moving activities, such as getting up bathing, dressing etc.
-          Going to school
-          Doing homework
-          Eating lunch
-          Mom must always do an assessing, to the child in his / her project, homework, assignment etc.
-          By giving the child nutrition’s food, the mom can utilize his / her energy.
E.g. vegetables like carrot, beetroot, ladyfinger etc.
Fruits like apples, banana, papaya, watermelon etc.
Helps to the interval growth of the child.


Children are given freedom at the same time they kept in track n, whether they are walking “ON THE RIGHT TRACK OF LIFE”.

Features to define a Smart Mom:

·                     She is bold
·                     Caring
·                     Active  person
·                     Good Sense of Humor
·                     Loving in nature
·                     Well-versed in whatever she does.
·                     Emotionally strong.
·                     Sharp Memory
·                     Multi-Tasking
·                     Imaginative

 The nature of a mom is defined by its qualities, and by the daily habits that is been endeavoring throughout her life with herself.

The daily activities of a mother are defined by what she does day to day.
A mom who is super active is a smart mom.

smartness not only lies with the behavior of being smart, but it means they are aware of what is happening around them, and thus taking charge of the daily activities and controlling the activities of the kids.     

       Duties of a smart mom:
1)      Protecting the kids
2)      Teaching them good habits
3)      Knowing your kids
4)      Setting rules for kids
5)      Healing them
6)      Keeping a goal in life
7)      Adapting changes
8)      Enhancing creativity in the kid
9)      Emphasizing them about the society
10)  Becoming a role model for the kids
11)  Preparing the child to adjust to a new school
12)  Guiding on a right path

A smart mom has a dual role to play; she must be a friend and a philosopher in life to the children.

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