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Importance of Outdoor and Indoor Games in Children

Playing games is an important part of life and being active throughout the life.

Games are of great importance in a child’s life. The enhancement of physical of physical and mental development of child is certainly the most important contribution of sports.

It helps in reducing fear, anxiety, stress, and irritatibility in children.
Games & sports not only facilitate to a healthy lifestyle but also help the students to perform better academically.

Indoor games are the group in which the games are played inside the house, in a shelter area, inside the home in winter season. Examples:
ludo, chess, carom board, as all these games are played while sitting at a place.

Outdoor games are games which are played outside in the open area.
It requires physical exercise to play those games, and is mostly played in summer season. Examples: football, tennis, cricket, basketball , volley ball, etc…. Importance of outdoor and indoor games in child’s life
Important of games in a child’s life:

1)   Sports and strength: playing games and taking part in any activities related to sports boots energy, and makes every child strong and increase his / her stamina level. He / she improves and builds an entrust of learning towards sports.

2)   Overcoming from anxiety: the child overcomes from stress an anxiety at sports and hence forth, looks towards gaining an eagerness or willingness to achieve something in sports and towards games.

3)   Self esteem and self confidence: when self confidence increase automatically self esteem increases, and makes an individual come out with flying colors in life.

4)   Discipline and deadline: a sense of discipline is developed when the sports activity is involved, and dedication is the main source of doing any activity, event or sports. “A dedicated heart is a true heart”.

5)   Team spirit, cooperation and leadership skills: whenever a sport is played in group , an activities are decided , people focus on team spirit and overall team building effectively and thus , cooperation is also involved with leadership skills taking place at each and every step towards reading individual goal.

So, games and sports not only facilities to a healthy lifestyle, but also helps the students to perform better academically.

Thus, there is a great importance of games in a child’s life.

Importance of games in child’s life:

The enhancement of physical and mental development of child is certainly the most important contribution of sports.

It helps in reducing fear, anxiety, stress and irritability in children.
Introduction: both indoor, as well as outdoor games are very entertaining to play, even watching the game is an entertaining thing among itself.

Games and sports are some of the powerful tools for building social lives and maintain a fit image.

Some games are played indoors as well as outdoors. For examples, chess is an indoor game but it can be played outside in a park bench.
Soccer is an outdoor sport but huge stadium are built for the sake of playing soccer , which is kind of an outdoor thing. Tennis and badminton both are outdoor games but are played indoors too. 

benefits of playing outdoors:

1)   Running wild: sometimes, all children need is some time to run , shout and get messy , this freedom can characterize a carefree childhood , and adequate physical activity is needed to prevent disease later in life . Being outdoors allows kids to really get their hearts pumping and improve their fitness.

2)   Motor and sensory development: playing outdoors encourages physical development and corrdition. It forces kids to move their whole body and enhances their motor skills, flexibility and muscles strength, sensory development is also improved through outdoor p-lay, as kids are exposed to a variety of sights, sounds and textures.

3)   Creativity and imaginations: exploration and make – believe happen easily while children play outside, when they have the freedom to discover the environment.

4)   Confidence and cognitive development: kids feel less inhibited outside, and outdoor play can boost self – esteem and overall confidence. What’s more, outdoor play promotes cognitive development, decision – making, problem – solving,

5)   Appreciating nature: nature is an amazing teacher and most kids learning about plants, trees, insects, birds and animals. Connecting to nature in this way also enhance well being and promotes an understanding of how the world works.

6)   Catch some sun: feeling the sun’s rays automatically lifts one’s mood, promoting wellness along with some vitamin d synthesis. Make sure the kids are wearing sunscreen to avoid damage.

7)   Breathe that fresh air : the air inside is simply not the same , being outdoors , whether for a stroll or a game do sports , allows you and the family to enjoy the fresh air.

Effort: as well know outdoor sports take more effort and physical energy to play than indoor sport.

Time taken:  a very intense game of chess might take days to complete. As talked earlier, virtual games or video games are very time consuming too. Indoor games have no time limit to be precise.

Advantages of playing outdoors games:

1)   Physical fitness
2)   Pleasure
3)   Learn to obey rules
4)   Discipline and team spirit
5)   Virtues
6)   Learn to organize things
7)   Learns to accept defeat with grace.


Outdoor games play an important role in the overall development of minds and body of a child teenager and even an adult. 

Advantages of Playing Indoors: 

·       When kids play indoors, they quite a few things that they are not able to do outdoors.

·       They play at their own homes; they learn to welcome other kids to play with them.

·       At the same time they learn how to include siblings in such games and make them familiar with one’s place they learn how to be courteous to others and be good guests.

·       When kids learn to play indoors, they are not stranded and irritated if they are not able to play outside due to rains or others reasons.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Education is a Need

Education not only gives us knowledge, but also helps in making opportunities for future. It is a vital tool, and thus its productivity is defined by its value in today's world & by modern lifestyle.

Education is the soul need and helps us to contribute towards a bright and a prosperous future.
Education in today's world is not just a basic need, but an important source of knowledge, material value, etc...

It enhances the growth of an individual, but also makes the growth as approaches and list of the most developing countries, towards education & making itself a self-developed country. Education is not important to an individual. but it is a foundation stone to success of an individual. 

It gives us a stepping stone towards success. Thus, overall it increases the rate of success an opportunities of job in terms of education.

Education is a very vast topic to talk on and elaborative.
Education not only makes an individual independent, but also makes his mind vast in understanding the topic at large.
Education deals not only with school or college studies, but with major impact of education is on learning about the society, surrounding, social life, etc......

Education is not just about individual education , but also vast way of gaining & achieving education to every individual.

Education is a pool of knowledge which each an every individual gains & achieves.

 Education is the largest topic to discuss on :

Children education.
School kids
Junior college students.
Socialize with the surroundings.

Knowledge is gained, just to get experience of how to work in future and be effective in quality education.
Knowledge is a resource, which affects the children ability to enhance and correlate with their daily activities.

Education is the development of power & ideal.
Therefore it is the responsibility of every individual to be educated and well-versed in intelligence gained from education.

Someone has rightly said, " education is a great tool to develop the children into a resource an a valuable asset.

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.
People nowadays believe in education at a vast scale. There is a saying that, "investment in knowledge pays the best interest ".

AND IT IS said to be greatest asset to a human- being can possess with himself.

Aspects of education
1)      Spiritual education: It is being spread on a vast scale, so that every human being knows about HOW HE/ SHE must be spiritually connected to god.

2)      Moral education: The values, beliefs, and morality makes the education of moral values fruitful.

3)      Social education: Socially there are people who want to be a part of society, so they follow this way / process of social education.

4)      Cultural education: Here in this form of education, every child is thought about the process of dealing culturally, where culture is supposed to be followed. “And various different ways to promote this education is through INDIAN CULTURE, VALUES AND BEHAVIOR OF THE CHILD IN THE SOCIETY”.

 What is quality education?

Definition of quality education is: A good quality education is one that provides all learners with capabilities they require to become economically productive develop sustainable livelihood, contribute to peaceful societies and enhance individual well – being.

Education is a resource for those who know to use it effectively.

1)      Pre – primary education
2)      Primary education
3)      Secondary education
4)      Sr. secondary education

a)      Pre – primary education: pre – primary education is the starting stage for giving the education to child’s it’s the beginning stage where a child’s brain starts developing.
b)       It’s very important to give a proper education to a child so that his / her stems grow stronger, parents teaches have to be very particular about education, it is defined as “ a set of knowledge”.
·         Objective of pre – primary education:  The children under the age group of 1 to 6 years supposed to get growth and expansion in the field of school academics as pre schools, to afford the holistic development a pin to cognitive, social expressive and interaction skills.
·         In general the development of the general the development of the kids counting with a variety of  maturity and knowledge in a child like considerable , emotional , exciting , mental , ethical , fine motor , gross motor , verbal communication , education , admiring , response etc, with other individually build up at this phase to promote an intelligent of self – determine and a optimistic personal likeness in the general public also grow, to care of acceptance and admiration intendance for others in the course of the value for adults and love affection for the youngsters , among kids.

·         Academics for pre – primary:
·         English language and text
·         Phonics
·         Sound / alphabets
·         Mathematics: knowledge of numerals from 1 – 100 in the form addition, substance, multiplication.
·         Environmental studies : study of plants , animals , fruits , flowers , physical features of the surrounding sun – who gives us light and energy , clouds , rain water etc.
·         General knowledge: about parts of the fingers, tooth, and different system of body organs personal hygiene our great freedom fighters.
·         Art and craft: coloring, making things out of waste starting to build up there creativity.

Primary education basics: providing children’s with this education has many positive effects, includes:
1)      Decreasing poverty
2)      Decreasing child mortality rates
3)      Encouraging gender equality
4)      Increasing environmental concern
·         Primary education provides students with  fundamental skills that will be the  foundation for the rest of their academic careers , instruction teach subject like :
·         Mathematics
·         Science
·         Language art
·         History
·         Geography
·         Art
·         Music
Primary education tools
·         Games
·         Books
·         Movies
·         Computers
·         Artwork

Secondary education: it is just followed after primary education , it is the education which is above the basic education and below college level , secondary education just stretches the primary education , it includes all the subjects that is there in primary education , it’s just the expression of the subject it’s that includes mathematics , science, social studies , computer , general knowledge.

Senior Secondary: Is the last stage of school and starting of college life, now child’s brain is developed but only deep nourishment is important in particular subjects, it is time where a student will think about his/her future with choosing different subjects which leads to decide their career and source of income to.

Smart Mom can Utilize a Child’s Energy

A smart mom is effective only when what she says is followed by his/her kids.

And a mom is been asked to take care of children.

Smart mom is the best moms, because, being smart is not an easy task to do.

And hence, one has to be smart in dealing with the kid’s energy.


 Smart mom can utilize a child’s energy

 “It’s the teacher that makes the difference, not the classroom”.
The best “Teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”
Smart moms are the “Best Moms”, because, being smart isn’t easy to be, having, one has to be smart dealing with their smart kid’s energy.
Smart mom’s task is a bit difficult because a smart mom makes use of his/her energy level and makes her kid to work on the task.
An effective ability to understand, control and effectively make the individual capacity to know about the child’s potential and energy level.
The child may at times be violent or you or you can call destructive in nature. Destructive and harmful in nature, this would make the child always angry and uncontrollable.
The better ways and means to understand a child is by becoming friends to them and in short, knowing, and them thoroughly.
A smart mom is someone who makes everything organized, structured. And appropriate.
Therefore, every mom must be disciplined and organized effectively, in all task and sources.
“Life is a canvas; paint it with your own colors”.
The same way, child’s behavior is a canvas, and you have to paint a child’s knowledge and brush it up with new things, ideas and strengths.
 A mother needs to take care of the daily activities of the child; she must control the daily routine of the child, so that she is not only aware of what is happening, but also known to about the habits and behavior of the child.
A smart mom taps the energy of the child and uses it with various school work of the child.

The energy of the child can be utilized and then at each level, the child is asked to do daily routine work such as,
-          Daily early moving activities, such as getting up bathing, dressing etc.
-          Going to school
-          Doing homework
-          Eating lunch
-          Mom must always do an assessing, to the child in his / her project, homework, assignment etc.
-          By giving the child nutrition’s food, the mom can utilize his / her energy.
E.g. vegetables like carrot, beetroot, ladyfinger etc.
Fruits like apples, banana, papaya, watermelon etc.
Helps to the interval growth of the child.


Children are given freedom at the same time they kept in track n, whether they are walking “ON THE RIGHT TRACK OF LIFE”.

Features to define a Smart Mom:

·                     She is bold
·                     Caring
·                     Active  person
·                     Good Sense of Humor
·                     Loving in nature
·                     Well-versed in whatever she does.
·                     Emotionally strong.
·                     Sharp Memory
·                     Multi-Tasking
·                     Imaginative

 The nature of a mom is defined by its qualities, and by the daily habits that is been endeavoring throughout her life with herself.

The daily activities of a mother are defined by what she does day to day.
A mom who is super active is a smart mom.

smartness not only lies with the behavior of being smart, but it means they are aware of what is happening around them, and thus taking charge of the daily activities and controlling the activities of the kids.     

       Duties of a smart mom:
1)      Protecting the kids
2)      Teaching them good habits
3)      Knowing your kids
4)      Setting rules for kids
5)      Healing them
6)      Keeping a goal in life
7)      Adapting changes
8)      Enhancing creativity in the kid
9)      Emphasizing them about the society
10)  Becoming a role model for the kids
11)  Preparing the child to adjust to a new school
12)  Guiding on a right path

A smart mom has a dual role to play; she must be a friend and a philosopher in life to the children.