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Importance of Outdoor and Indoor Games in Children

Playing games is an important part of life and being active throughout the life.

Games are of great importance in a child’s life. The enhancement of physical of physical and mental development of child is certainly the most important contribution of sports.

It helps in reducing fear, anxiety, stress, and irritatibility in children.
Games & sports not only facilitate to a healthy lifestyle but also help the students to perform better academically.

Indoor games are the group in which the games are played inside the house, in a shelter area, inside the home in winter season. Examples:
ludo, chess, carom board, as all these games are played while sitting at a place.

Outdoor games are games which are played outside in the open area.
It requires physical exercise to play those games, and is mostly played in summer season. Examples: football, tennis, cricket, basketball , volley ball, etc…. Importance of outdoor and indoor games in child’s life
Important of games in a child’s life:

1)   Sports and strength: playing games and taking part in any activities related to sports boots energy, and makes every child strong and increase his / her stamina level. He / she improves and builds an entrust of learning towards sports.

2)   Overcoming from anxiety: the child overcomes from stress an anxiety at sports and hence forth, looks towards gaining an eagerness or willingness to achieve something in sports and towards games.

3)   Self esteem and self confidence: when self confidence increase automatically self esteem increases, and makes an individual come out with flying colors in life.

4)   Discipline and deadline: a sense of discipline is developed when the sports activity is involved, and dedication is the main source of doing any activity, event or sports. “A dedicated heart is a true heart”.

5)   Team spirit, cooperation and leadership skills: whenever a sport is played in group , an activities are decided , people focus on team spirit and overall team building effectively and thus , cooperation is also involved with leadership skills taking place at each and every step towards reading individual goal.

So, games and sports not only facilities to a healthy lifestyle, but also helps the students to perform better academically.

Thus, there is a great importance of games in a child’s life.

Importance of games in child’s life:

The enhancement of physical and mental development of child is certainly the most important contribution of sports.

It helps in reducing fear, anxiety, stress and irritability in children.
Introduction: both indoor, as well as outdoor games are very entertaining to play, even watching the game is an entertaining thing among itself.

Games and sports are some of the powerful tools for building social lives and maintain a fit image.

Some games are played indoors as well as outdoors. For examples, chess is an indoor game but it can be played outside in a park bench.
Soccer is an outdoor sport but huge stadium are built for the sake of playing soccer , which is kind of an outdoor thing. Tennis and badminton both are outdoor games but are played indoors too. 

benefits of playing outdoors:

1)   Running wild: sometimes, all children need is some time to run , shout and get messy , this freedom can characterize a carefree childhood , and adequate physical activity is needed to prevent disease later in life . Being outdoors allows kids to really get their hearts pumping and improve their fitness.

2)   Motor and sensory development: playing outdoors encourages physical development and corrdition. It forces kids to move their whole body and enhances their motor skills, flexibility and muscles strength, sensory development is also improved through outdoor p-lay, as kids are exposed to a variety of sights, sounds and textures.

3)   Creativity and imaginations: exploration and make – believe happen easily while children play outside, when they have the freedom to discover the environment.

4)   Confidence and cognitive development: kids feel less inhibited outside, and outdoor play can boost self – esteem and overall confidence. What’s more, outdoor play promotes cognitive development, decision – making, problem – solving,

5)   Appreciating nature: nature is an amazing teacher and most kids learning about plants, trees, insects, birds and animals. Connecting to nature in this way also enhance well being and promotes an understanding of how the world works.

6)   Catch some sun: feeling the sun’s rays automatically lifts one’s mood, promoting wellness along with some vitamin d synthesis. Make sure the kids are wearing sunscreen to avoid damage.

7)   Breathe that fresh air : the air inside is simply not the same , being outdoors , whether for a stroll or a game do sports , allows you and the family to enjoy the fresh air.

Effort: as well know outdoor sports take more effort and physical energy to play than indoor sport.

Time taken:  a very intense game of chess might take days to complete. As talked earlier, virtual games or video games are very time consuming too. Indoor games have no time limit to be precise.

Advantages of playing outdoors games:

1)   Physical fitness
2)   Pleasure
3)   Learn to obey rules
4)   Discipline and team spirit
5)   Virtues
6)   Learn to organize things
7)   Learns to accept defeat with grace.


Outdoor games play an important role in the overall development of minds and body of a child teenager and even an adult. 

Advantages of Playing Indoors: 

·       When kids play indoors, they quite a few things that they are not able to do outdoors.

·       They play at their own homes; they learn to welcome other kids to play with them.

·       At the same time they learn how to include siblings in such games and make them familiar with one’s place they learn how to be courteous to others and be good guests.

·       When kids learn to play indoors, they are not stranded and irritated if they are not able to play outside due to rains or others reasons.

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